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SAP Helps Small Businesses Capitalize on E-Commerce

WALLDORF SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced general availability of the SAP Anywhere solution in the United States.

This new front-office cloud solution is specifically designed to help meet the e-commerce and customer interaction needs of small businesses with 10 to 200 employees.

With SAP Anywhere, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) can capitalize on retail store sales, build a website or online store, create marketing campaigns, sell products and take payments, manage inventory and analyze business performance. SAP Anywhere gives small businesses the power to do it all from a mobile phone or tablet.

SAP has teamed up with Google Inc. and PayPal Holdings Inc. to offer small business leaders everything they need in a single package that directly integrates with partners’ platforms. Users of SAP Anywhere have one solution through which they can access complementary services. In addition, it is planned to integrate global shipping and logistics services provided by United Parcel Service Inc. An ecosystem of partners plays a key role in the wide adoption of SAP Anywhere, allowing customers to run simple through seamless integration. Partners also have the opportunity to integrate, refer, resell and implement SAP Anywhere.

Consumers Care When Companies Are There

“Digital marketing and e-commerce is a strategic necessity for SMEs,” said EJ Jackson, senior vice president and general manager, SAP Anywhere. “More than 28 million small firms in the United States need to market goods online and satisfy customers’ desire for a digital buying experience, and at the end of the day, company size is irrelevant to the consumer. To achieve this we forged a completely new solution in which all relevant functionality has been united in the cloud and mobilized under SAP Anywhere.”

The SAP Anywhere solution meets the payment card industry’s standard for secure transactions and secure sockets layer (SSL) protection. With real-time information from their back-office software, users obtain active decision support based on data from both internal and external sources. It includes a unified order management system that makes use of actual inventory data.

Run Your Business in the Moment

“What SAP does for me is it allows me to monitor my business in the moment – whether it’s marketing or sales or counting my inventory or logistics,” said Reggie Jackson, founder and owner of Reggie Jackson’s Garage. “SAP Anywhere has made it easy for me and for my customers to enjoy the experience of easy navigation, to be able to pick their type of car and to shop for what they want instantly.”

A recent study conducted by research firm IDC showed that small businesses struggle the most with the business tools – from making payments to marketing to customer analytics and e-commerce – that are needed to operate a live business with today’s digitally native consumers. Companies that get this right grow faster.

“Smaller firms face special challenges when it comes to coordinating their e-commerce and customer interaction resources,” said Ray Boggs, vice president, Small and Medium Business Research, IDC. “Many have older processes that weren’t designed for today’s mobile online world.” Boggs noted that SAP Anywhere can provide the connective tissue to link front-office and back-office activities to improve internal efficiency and customer satisfaction.



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SAP’s New Mantra: Live Business

SAP has a new mantra: Live Business. Today at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando, Florida, SAP launched the new campaign – the next step in the evolution of Run Simple.

Run Live is the key message for SAPPHIRE NOW this year and is highlighted on the show floor by the five pillars of the Live Business story: digital core, future of work, digital customer experience, supply networks and Internet of Things (IoT).

Over the past five years, SAP has built a portfolio of products and services around the in-memory technology SAP HANA, which will enable enterprise customers to manage their digital transformation from vulnerable traditional businesses operating on old information, into nimble digital businesses capable of competing in the digital economy.

A key part of this transition is the need to make decisions and operate businesses “in the moment” using current data, not old out-of-date information that may be hours, days or even weeks old.

Among the SAP customers that have already made the transition to Live Businesses are entertainment and sports giants, including Cirque du Soleil, FC Bayer Munchen, the WTA, and NHL, healthcare organizations, transportation hubs, and manufacturers like Under Armour.

“A Live Business can act upon a massive amount of data in an instant.”

But how is Live Business different from real-time computing? When enterprises run in real time, they have access to massive amounts of data generated by internal systems and from external sources including partners and third parties. When they run live, they are able to interpret and act upon this data in an instant.

Living in the (business) moment enables an organization to respond to unexpected shifts in consumer demand, new competitive threats and potentially disruptive events including natural disasters.

As SAP CEO Bill McDermott has said: “From customer experiences to workforces and supply chains, a Live Business predicts the future instead of reporting the past. It means totally agile business processes and the ability to mass customize everything for every single consumer.

“It means connecting every colleague and asset to a single, intelligent and totally digital core system – one that can anticipate, simulate, and innovate new opportunities on the fly.”

“A Live Business predicts the future instead of reporting the past.”

Given these benefits, why isn’t every company already running live? Traditional enterprise software is hamstrung by the technical constraints of the past such as siloed data stores, batch processing and the inability to act on data at a speed.

Even accessing data has been difficult and typically required a IT expert to generate a report that was out of date by the time it arrived on a business leader’s desk.

In contrast, an innovative digital core like SAP S/4HANA, is fully connected to customers, suppliers and employees; it delivers unified data in real-time and enables intelligent decision making with predictive analytical tools.

Live Business represents SAP’s perspective on digital transformation but it is much more than a new advertising slogan. Live Business represents SAP’s vision of a seamless digital business that enables our customers to sense, respond, learn, adapt, and predict to create value in the moment and Run Simple.

“When you Run Live, you Run Simple. And when you Run Simple, you win.”


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SAP Business One on Cloud

Drive profitable growth affordablyand without complexity

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Free Training: SAP Business One 9.2

Download Brief

SAP Business One 9.2_Alenu-IT-Business-Solutions

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SAP and Apple Co-Innovate to Revolutionize Mobile Business Apps

Recently, SAP announced an exciting partnership with Apple to drive stronger co-innovation in enterprise mobile apps.

The companies are working to transform the mobile work experience for enterprise customers of all sizes, combining powerful native apps for iPhone and iPad backed by the powerful capabilities of SAP HANA.

As mobility in the workplace continues to expand, with the entire nervous system of the IT landscape going digital, data-driven cloud apps are quickly becoming the dominant interface. In some industries, the demand and growth for mobility is already very high. These industries are early adopters and are in the midst of transforming into a fully digital enterprise.

“As the IT landscape goes digital, data-driven cloud apps are quickly becoming the dominant interface.”

With this in mind, SAP plans to first introduce native iOS apps for businesses in retail, healthcare, asset-intensive industries, and professional services. Analyzing our customers’ input and feedback, Apple and SAP will continuously work together to identify new focus industries and lines of business to deliver customized software tools and training so developers, partners, and customers can easily build native iOS apps tailored to their business needs.

The key is simplicity and ease-of-use. According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, “This partnership will transform how iPhone and iPad are used in enterprise by bringing together the innovation and security of iOS with SAP’s deep expertise in business software.” Further inspiring the revolution of work, SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott said, “In giving people an agile and intuitive business experience, we empower them to know more, care more, and do more.” 

Mapping the Digital Journey

Completely digitizing your business includes stages that vary in complexity, from going paperless to optimization and transformation. We have strategically partnered with many of our customers to start the digitization process. Through our collaborative efforts, we have identified the first of a series of uniquely customized apps that are optimizing key roles in various industries. These mobile apps demonstrate SAP’s commitment to help businesses run live and will be showcased at SAPPHIRE NOW from May 17-19, 2016:

  • Retail Clienteling is a retail app developed by SAP that allows the sales associates to exceed customer expectations by providing recommendations, offering additional services and products, and accessing real-time data anywhere, at any time.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is geared towards the healthcare industry, providing a 360-degree, integrated patient view to support collaboration between doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, utilizing SAP’s new patient engagement and healthcare analytics capabilities.
  • Asset Maintenance Worker helps field workers completely transform the way maintenance is done through a strong IoT platform that provides better, faster, real-time data that drives predictive analytics.
  • Project Assistant leverages real-time data from SAP S/4HANA and enables project managers to collaborate, report, and manage their projects and bring them to life at unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency.

What Are Our Customers Saying? 

With over 98% of Fortune 500 companies using iOS devices, our customers are responding enthusiastically to the announcement. Two customers who will benefit from the EMR and Asset Maintenance Worker apps, respectively, offered these comments:

“We are extraordinarily excited about the promise of the Apple and SAP alliance. This partnership will build on our foundation of co-innovation and patient care impact and extend what is possible with SAP EMR Unwired on iOS devices. We look forward to holistically transforming patient engagement and clinical research together to advance precision medicine.”

– Martin Peuker, associate CIO, Charite, and IT director, Berlin Institute of Health   

“SAP and Apple’s partnership and field-focused solution could be a great enabler for our digital workforce. The digital utility would give our field team useful and actionable information, simple interactions, and technology that is intuitive, efficient, and integrated with our core applications.”

– Gary Hayes, SVP and CIO, technology operations, CenterPoint Energy

What’s Next for Enterprise Mobility?

SAP’s partnership with Apple is a significant partnership and critical to SAP’s larger corporate vision. We strive to bring users that much closer to the rich insights and enterprise data they rely on every day on devices that they already know and love to use. With mobile devices and apps becoming the dominant interface for businesses, leaders need to consider the importance and impact of introducing these applications now. Better mobility and stronger data analytics can and will transform the future of work, driving productivity and efficiency.

Together, SAP and Apple are combining our strengths and joining together to deliver a superior customer experience both inside your business and for your customers.


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What Can You Expect in SAP Business One 9.2?

With SAP Business One 9.2, you can run your business simply… anytime, anywhere.
This new release offers:

  • Improved usability and a lower TCO by introducing Browser Access for SAP Business One on premise customers.
  • Differentiation against competitors leveraging SAP HANA based innovations such as the Interactive Analysis Report Designer.
  • Enhanced business functionalities such as project management and improvements to existing business processes.
  • Accelerated transition to the cloud, opening up to new market segments.
  • A new Argentina localization to capture new market opportunities
  • Simplified infrastructure & landscape, making SAP Business One 9.2 easier and more cost effective to use than ever before

Schedule a FREE Training on SAP Business One 9.2! Here at Alenu IT Business Solutions we offer the a comprehensive training experience on SAP Business One.

Call us:

Singapore: +65 6884 5030 | Philippines: +63 553 6719 | Vietnam: +848 6294 9806 | http://www.alenu-it.comSAPB19.2

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